Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey everyone!! sorry I havent been on for a while been very busy. Well ive had a fun summer and stuff. I got to go work down in california, go to youth conference, go to girls camp, go to california and hang with my best friend and some other friends, and lots more stuff. Emalie is now 5 months old and is crawling, talking like crazy, teething (she has two teeth already O.O) and lots more. Cammi made the Herriman Soccer team and is amazing at it. GO HERRIMAN MUSTANGS!!!!!!! I am attending the new high school and its really fun. I really enjoy going to Herriman and not Bingham or Riverton!! nyways here are some really cool pictures that I took this summer :) enjoy!!! P.S. softball sucked this year and I didnt make the Bingham softball team :/

This is how cool i looked at girls camp. BE JELOUS!!

Purple is so brother campbells color haha. i did a good job painting his nails

This is my gun. dont piss me off or ill kill you where you stand

Here are some pictures of kaylie that i took and edited.

Here is a picture of me that cammmi took and i edited it. it turned out really nice

Here is some of my work with taking pictures and editing them. This one is of cammi at our grandmas house. We helped make this play house when we were way young and I even remember painting it too.

Heres baby Emalie looking as cute as ever

here i am on the tire swing haha

This is how I look my SOPHMORE YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! I can't believe that I'm in high school now. I feel so old.....

This is my friend Paige. I designed, took, and edited this picture. Its a really good picture.

I look really good in this picture. me and my friend had a fun time at my house and took tons of pictures and this was one of them :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

ok so I know its been along time since I've been on. Alot of stuff has happened. I turned 15, got a new sister, got my braces off, kaylie got baptized, started softball, went to hawaii and ya lol. Its been great. here are some picture O.O

This is me and little Emalie. I loves here :)

LOOK NO BRACES!!!!!! this is me and whisper :)

This is me over the grand canyon of the pacific

this is the grand canyon of the pacific

This is the picture that i took from where i was standing at the hotel in kauai, hawaii. it was a gorgeous view :D

This is me and my new little sister named Emalie. p.s. I took this picture and edited it all by my self on my cell phone :))

This is the cake that I made for kaylie's baptizm. It took my four days to make and thank you nana for helping me layer it :) (bottom)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Friday, November 20, 2009

New Hair Cut!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a new hair cut. well just my bangs were cut. i like them alot. i think its really cute. i even helped cammi find a cute style to cut her bangs into. and the best part was that it was free lol. i love free stuff!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I wish you were here to tell me your story.
I feel your pain
I wish that i could just take you by the hand, look you
in the eye and tell you that everything was going
to be ok.

I wonder how hard it was to go through with this
at the camps.
You may be young but you are strong.
Stay strong for it will help you.

I wish that i could of been there to take the pain
and suffer for you.
You were to young to die.
If I were there i would stay by your side.

I would be there always in your heart.
I am here little one.
Don't cry no more.

Stay strong for you are loved in every way.
I love you so much.
Even if we are apart I will always be with you.

I know that you miss me and i miss you.
But we will be together again one day.
You will always be in my heart.

I love you so much dear child.
Remember that i love you.
No matter what happens I will
always be in your heart.

*This is a poem i wrote in language arts. it is based on when hitler took over germany and stuff and killed tons of jews. its a heart breaking poem and it was the best in the class. i hope you enjoy it. its the first poem that i actually like lol. enjoy!!

poem by: Jessie Miller
october 29, 2009
these are photos that me and cammi took together outside for out fall pictures. hope you like them!!

This one is a good one :DD

Here is a good one of me that i like. XD

heres another one of cammi :D

This is also a really good picture and its very cute. we love to take picture.

This is my favorite picture of cammi that i took. i love taking pictures of people because i do a really good job at it lol

This is a picture of me that cammi took. it looks really nice and I really like it. Me and cammi are good photographers!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This is my favortie redo picture that i did of cammi!!! I like it and p.s. i took the picture lol :D